Christmas is Broken

My heart is broken on this beautiful morning.  This world lost a precious soul yesterday and my soul is crying out “Why?”  Why must this world lose so many who are so special and so loved in such a short time?  Why is this turning into a season of grieving instead of the season of rejoicing that it should be?  The only answer that is being whispered into my soul is that we seem to have forgotten the reason for this glorious time of year:  the fact that God, who loves us so much, sent a baby here to redeem us, a humble carpenter to bring us eternal life.

As I sit here looking at, what for me is, a sparsely decorated living room, I can’t help but wonder what that humble Nazarene would think of it.  What would he think of the commercialism that marks our Christmas today?  This is not a time for competition.  For who has the most fantastic light show or who has the biggest present under the tree.  For those of us claiming to be Christians this should be a time for redirection and refocusing on what’s important:  that we have already received the greatest gift of all.

We need to treasure this gift; we need to pass it on to our families and to those who haven’t received it yet.  We need to be thankful for that gift every single day and we need to not stand by and watch as that gift is being taken away from the very country that was founded on it’s principles.  We need to stand up and fight and make our voices heard.  It’s not okay to ban prayer in schools for the child who wants to pray.  It’s not okay to bow down to the unbelievers who don’t want our Nativity on display in public.

Jesus suffered the most humiliating, painful death for us.  Are we so afraid of humiliation or pain that we can’t suffer for him by speaking up for our beliefs, by being not afraid of what may happen to us if we do?  We need to stop being passive, stop “turning the other cheek” and begin fighting for our families and our country.  We need to be there, physically and prayerfully, for our brothers and sisters who are wandering and in pain – even if it makes us uncomfortable.  We need to search out what makes us uncomfortable and throw ourselves into the midst of it.

My guilt at not being this kind of Christian to my brother and sister who are in such pain right now is overwhelming and I need to get down on my knees and beg their forgiveness and God’s forgiveness for not taking care of them the way they needed.  I want to be the kind of Christian that leads others to Christ, not just in my words but also with my actions.

“Please God.  Forgive me for my carelessness of others, for not following Your Word as I should, for not being the example of Your unending love for others.  Help me to glorify You in everything I do.  Thank You for the precious, unbelievable gift of Your Son.  In His name I ask.  Amen.”