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One Week A Month


I’m home.

I may actually unpack the deodorant and razor this time.

I don’t have any where I need to be until the first week in November.

But I may still lose my mind.

Because the hubs?

Doesn’t have any where he needs to be until the first week in November.

He’s been gone most of the summer.

I (totally) sorta (loved) liked it.  And why the hell doesn’t my strikeout button work on wordpress?  Every time I save, the strikeouts disappear.  WTF?


One week a month of travel would suit me just fine.

I think it would suit him too.

He’d get mucho hotel points and enough miles to keep his “Diamond Status.”

We’d continue to get free hotel rooms and free plane tickets and free first-class upgrades.

Sounds like a win/win situation, no?

And I would have?

One week a month where I wouldn’t have to worry about being a bitch.  I think because we’ve been messing with the meds?  I have been a total bitch lately.  And I want nothing more than for people to just leave me the fuck alone.  Even one week a month.   Perhaps we don’t wanna fuck with the meds?

Am I asking for too much?

Don’t worry about the boy.  He prefers it when I just pretty much ignore him.  And I?  Can so do that.  As long as he gets his ass outta bed and off to school on time.

Hopefully I won’t be such a bitch the first week of November.

Because the hubs and I?

Are going on a cruise to the Bahamas for our 20th anniversary.  Which was in February.  Some people believe in delayed gratification.

Not me.

Good thing the cruise tickets came with diamonds.


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