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Last Visit

So yesterday I made my last visit to Dow Rummel Village.

The nursing home where Dad and Grammie had lived.

I went to thank all the girls for taking such good care of my dad.  I brought them flowers and food and thank you cards.  I wanted them to know how much I appreciate them.

They took much better care of him than I ever would have been able to do.

They didn’t have a history with him.

They didn’t freak out if they had to touch him.

They thought he was a funny, kinda sexist, old guy.  He just turned 69 in March.

They loved him and they will miss him.

I didn’t and I won’t.

When asked how I was doing, really doing, by someone who really loves me?

I said I felt relieved.  I don’t have to feel any guilt about not visiting more.  I don’t have to feel any more guilt about not being able to touch him.  I don’t have to go into his smelly room ever again.

He died on Thursday

The boy and I flew out on Friday.  The hubs left Bangladesh on Friday.  The boy and I cleaned out the room on Saturday.  The hubs arrived Sunday afternoon.  Again, just like when Grammie died in December, I did all the work, made all the plans, and took care of everything that needed to be done.  By myself, with only one working arm.  And a moody teenager.  Sometimes I feel like I want to be an only child.

But now it’s done.  I will never again have to go to Dow Rummel Village or Walter’s Funeral Home.

A chapter of my life is over.  A long chapter.  A chapter that I am still coming to terms with.  But perhaps that will be easier now.


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